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Zest – May 2004

The Zest life makeover

This month, we help Lisa Cowan, a 26 year old business development manager from London, to get bolder, brighter and ready for love

Lisa told us…”Although I love my job, the rest of my life feels busy and disorganised. I feel there’s always something I can’t get round to ..Although I’m happy with my weight, I eat a lot of sugary foods and would like to tone up.”

The personal trainer’s advice: Laura says , “Lisa’s not in bad shape and her body fat percentage is good at 24% - but she has a tendency to binge on sweets and doesn’t go to the gym as often as she’d like. She finds running uncomfortable, even in a good sports bra, so I’ve suggested speed-walking, combined with lower-impact cardio work, such as the cross-trainer, instead. I’ve chopped up the 45-minute sessions she’d normally spend on machines into shorter 15-minute bursts with interval training of different speeds and gradients. She’ll alternate the cardio with strength training, which will make her sessions seem less tedious. I’ve also given Lisa a 30-minute home workout, starting with two five-minute sets of low-impact cardio, such as shadow boxing, walking lunges and steps. Then she’ll move to a light weights circuit, with exercises such as tricep kick-backs and press-ups, and Pilates-style abs work to give her the defined abs she wants.”

To book a session or to find out how Laura can help you get into shape, email her at laura@laurawilliamsonline.co.uk

Or call her on 07712 001525.Social

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