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The Wharf – May 2010

The Wharf

The British Heart Foundation Canary Wharf Jog is just around the corner and out in our front yard. So Team Wharf is preparing under the watchful eye of Wharf fitness columnist Laura Williams.

Ahead of our first training session, two of our number reflect on their aims
Kay Lockett: Signing up for the Canary Wharf Jog is the motivation to start a more structured and regular fitness regime. With advice and training from Laura I hope that I can find a way to get my fitness levels back to what they once were - fast.

Louisa Emery:
There is only so long you live off your past glories. I may have been school cross country champion and smashed a few sports day records but that was all before I sat my GCSEs.

The reality is, my sporting days were half a lifetime ago and despite dipping my toe into surfing and diving - difficult to maintain in London - and more recently Poi - more performing art than calorie burner - my commitment to exercise is embarrassing. A 10km goal is just what I need. Coupled with the fear of humiliating myself in front of my Wharf colleagues, I am determined to get in shape

To book a session or to find out how Laura can help you get into shape, email her at laura@laurawilliamsonline.co.uk

Or call her on 07712 001525.Social

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