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She – December 2003

4 ways to drop a dress size fast!

Imagine the bliss of having one less thing to worry about this Christmas. Imagine if everything in your wardrobe fitted you perfectly and you could float through the festive season without agonising over what to wear. Well, this dream could become a reality. SHE has tried and tested three different methods that, with a little bit of work on your part, promise to take off up to a stone in four weeks. And, for those of you who want a “miracle”, we’ve found a method that takes off inches (if not a whole dress size) with absolutely no effort. Take your pick!

If you want to change your bad habits for good….personal trainer

Personal training is a way of helping people keep on track with their fitness goals by giving them regular contact with a trainer and no opportunity for shirking. Personal trainer Laura Williams from Future Perfect works out a training programme to suit whatever goal the client has in mind, whether it’s weight loss, toning up or training for an event such as a marathon. The workouts incorporate cardiovascular exercise, such as running or gym work, core strength exercises and also a healthy eating plan to optimise the workout.

Who tried it Paschorina Haffner, 30, a media relations director from London. “Being busy at work and happy at home means that in the past year I’ve gone from 8 stone to 9 stone 7lb. I’ve put it on all over my body, but I mainly notice it around my middle. My aim is to have a toned body and a flatter stomach. I’ve started going to the gym and although I feel quite motivated, I’ve always thought it’s be good to have someone to make sure my technique is correct and that I’m doing the right sort of activities for my goals”

Results At first it was a little bit depressing, because I got on the scales and hadn’t lost much weight at all. In fact, at one point I weighed more than when I started, even though my clothes felt looser. Laura explained that muscle weighs more than fat and now I see it’s true. I easily fit into a size 10 – when I started I was a size 12. It’s brilliant.”

Advantages This is a truly healthy way to drop a dress size and is great for moral support – shaping up can be tough, so having someone by your side to push you can be a real booster. And, as they get to know you, a trainer can alter and adapt your routine if they feel it’s no longer stretching you enough.

Disadvantages Personal training can be expensive (although cheaper if you club together with friends) and it requires a lot of commitment. There’s no ducking out of classes, because you know you’ll be letting the personal trainer down, too.

What it costs First five sessions £45 each, group training (two or more people) £70 a session.

To book a session or to find out how Laura can help you get into shape, email her at laura@laurawilliamsonline.co.uk

Or call her on 07712 001525.Social

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