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Is your diet making you fat?

You spent the winter religiously cutting out major food groups, so why aren’t the scales showing you any better this spring? Markie Robson-Scott says an addiction to fad diets is to blame.

Which diet did you pick in January? The Atkins, or its opposite, the Ornish, where you eat almost no fat? Dr Charles Clark’s Fast Food Diet, the South Beach or the Zone? Never before have so many diets been touted but, now spring is here, how many of us can say any regime worked? ..Twenty years ago only seven per cent of the population was obese, now it’s 21 per cent…We know why – portion sizes have increased drastically, we don’t expend enough energy to compensate and we eat more sugar and processed cereal grains than ever before…Most people binge, says personal trainer Laura Williams, ‘because they aim to “better” the following day. By allowing all foods, you change your mind-set and tell yourself, “That particular food or snack isn’t going anywhere, it will still be there tomorrow, so there’s no need to devour it as if it were going out of fashion”. By eating in this way, you also rid yourself of that feeling of deprivation – another reason many dieters give up. By nature, human beings don’t want to live life feeling that they’re missing out on something’.

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