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Laura comments on Dawn French's weight loss in June's Daily Mail

Daily Mail June 2011

Gastric band, heartache diet or just a ban on chips? The truth about the light new Dawn

Berkeley Square Gardens, that small shred of green in the grey heart of old Mayfair, was in quite a hubbub when Glamour magazine held its Women Of The Year awards on Tuesday night. There were knots of photographers outside the marquee and within huddles of the famous and nearly famous, drinking champagne and gossiping beneath the chandeliers with glowing lavender lights.

One figure, though, attracted all the attention.

It was Dawn French, dressed as usual in black from head to toe, a diminutive 5ft in a room full of towering supermodels and slender actresses. It was clear that a substantial portion of the weight she had carried proudly for years was gone....It is no secret in the showbusiness world that Dawn was huffing and puffing, even when walking relatively short distances.

Diet and fitness expert Laura Williams says: 'There is a difference between being morbidly obese and being curvy and Dawn French was morbidly obese. 'When you get that big you are living with daily pain in your joints and putting your cardiovascular system under great strain.'

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