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Celebrity Diet Now Autumn 2005

Celebrity Diet Now – Autumn 2005

Curves are healthy

Here’s another reason to celebrate your hourglass figure – not only do curves look sexy, but they could also help you live longer.

If you constantly curse your curves and wish you were more stick thin than hourglass, now’s the time to have a rethink… Researchers at the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen found that women with hips wider than their waists are more likely to live longer than slimmer people.

…Personal trainer Laura Williams of Future Perfect (www.fperfect.com) says that, while the research is interesting, there’s a lot more evidence that high levels of body fat, when caused by overeating and lack of exercise, are implicated in heart disease. She says, ‘If you’re a size 14 with 40in hips and you don’t exercise, the benefits suggested by this study could be outweighed by your health suffering in other ways, such as increased risk of type 2 diabetes or joint pain. I don’t think this is any reason for big-hipped women not to exercise or for slimmer women to think they should put on weight to pursue this extra protection. Evidence still suggests that exercise is beneficial whatever your body shape.’

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