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Glamour – April 2007

Lose Weight Like a Man

Glamour got the inside scoop on how men can effortlessly drop 5lbs – without even thinking about the word diet. The good news? You can steal their secrets.

..."Healthy, fit men know they're going to work out, so they realise it's OK to eat," says diet and fitness expert Laura Williams. "Research has shown that women are less likely to be physically active as men."

…We men judge ourselves less by what our bodies look like and more by what they can do. So if we can get rid of spare tyre and make love like a gymnast, we're happy. "Men aren't controlled by emotional barriers - they just get on with it," says Williams. "If you're comfortable with your body, spending time at the gym isn't so challenging."

To book a session or to find out how Laura can help you get into shape, email her at laura@laurawilliamsonline.co.uk

Or call her on 07712 001525.Social

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