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Bella August 2009 (Laura devised this diet for Emma Forbes for the Summer issue of Bella)Bella August 2009

Lose 2lb a week with the laid-back slimming plan!

“This plan contains high-fibre foods that are a dieter’s dream – filling and tasty but low in calories – and could lead to steady weight loss of up to two pounds a week,” says Laura Williams, the Zotrim fitness consultant who devised this plan for us (www.zotrim.com). Rotate the days to keep going for up to a month.

Day 1
Breakfast: ½ medium sized tub of light Greek yoghurt, berries, 1 tsp honey
Mid-morning snack: 2 high fibre biscuits such as Hob Nobs
Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad (100g skinless chicken breast, 15g shaved parmesan, small handful of grilled croutons and reduced-fat Caesar dressing).
Snack: Fruit compote with a small handful of flaked almonds
Dinner: An oven-baked salmon fillet glazed with brown sugar and soy sauce with 6 small new potatoes and a green side salad (celery, watercress, etc)

Day 2
Breakfast: A small bagel and a poached egg
Mid-morning snack: A handful of banana chips
Lunch: Prawn and rocket in a small granary baguette
Mid-afternoon snack: A small tub of cottage cheese with pineapple and a handful of grapes
Dinner: Pitta bread stuffed with reduced-fat humous and falafel and a side salad that includes half an avocado, beetroot and grated carrot.

To book a session or to find out how Laura can help you get into shape, email her at laura@laurawilliamsonline.co.uk

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